The most cost-effective Vat Yellow 1 For Dyeing polyester-mixed cotton cloth

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 1) Vat Yellow 1

2) Vat Golden Yellow RK,  Yellow Powder

3) We can adjust the Tones and Quality according to the customer’s requirements.

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Product Specification

Name Vat Yellow 1
Other Name C.I. 70600
Cas No. 475-71-8
Appearance Yellow Powder
Packing 25KGS PP Bag/Kraft Bag/Carton Box/Iron Drum
Strength 100%
Application Mainly used for dyeing cotton, viscose fiber, can also be used for leather, silk and so on.


It is blue in alkaline reductive solution and green in acidic reductive solution. It is dark orange in concentrated sulfuric acid and yellow after dilution. It is a kind of weak crisp cloth, which is difficult to oxidize and discoloration after soaping.

silk with Vat yellow 1
Vat yellow 1

Product character

It has good dye shifting and evenness,VAT Green 1 has excellent firmness, with different color depth, It is reddish purple in concentrated sulfuric acid and produces green precipitate after dilution. In the insurance powder alkaline solution is blue, in the acid solution is bright red. When it is used for dyeing, it needs to be reduced into water-soluble cryptochroma with insurance powder in alkaline solution, so as to be adsorbed by fibers and then oxidized by air for color development

Main features

The main features of Vat Yellow 1 include:
Ⅰ. The pigment is a VAT dye class of high-grade organic pigments, giving red yellow, with high transparency and light fastness, weather fastness. Mixed with aluminum metal pigment, used for metal automotive coatings (OEM), repair paint and plastic coloring (thermal stability at 270℃ at HDPE); Also suitable for polyacrylonitrile fiber pulp coloring, wood and art paint coloring.
Ⅱ. It is mainly used for dyeing cotton, viscose and other fibers. Dyeing methods mainly include chromophyte dyeing (immersion dyeing) and suspension dyeing (rolling dyeing) : dyed fabrics have good wet fastness, most dyes have high fastness to sunlight, and chromatic acid can be dissolved in alkaline solution and adsorbed by fibers; The cryptochromic bodies (soluble sodium salts of dyes) adsorbed on the fibers return to the original insoluble carbon base (ligand or ketone bodies) state under the action of acids and oxidants, and are fixed in the fibers.
Ⅲ.Vat Yellow 1 bright color, light fastness, alkali resistance, wash resistance, sweat resistance and other fastness are very good.

Storage & Transportation

The product must be stored in shade, dry & well-ventilated warehouse. Avoid to be contacted with oxidizing chemicals and combustible organic substances. Keep it away from direct sunlight, heat, sparks and open flames. Carefully handle the product and avoid damaging the package.

Direct-Red 4BE Paper-Bag
Direct-Red-4BE warehouse
Direct-Red-28 FIBER-DRUMS-
Direct-Red-28 transportation


Mainly dyed with cotton and polyester-cotton blended fabric; Vinylon can also be painted.

leather with Vat Yellow 1
woolen with Vat Yellow 1
yarn with Vat Yellow 1


25KGS PP Bag/Kraft Bag/Carton Box/Iron Drum

Direct Red 28 iron-drum1
Direct-Red-4BE Carton-Box
Direct-Red-4BE warehouse-

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