Wool fabrics are favored by consumers because of their rich texture, smooth and waxy feel, good drape, noble, light and comfortable wear.

Wool fabric dyeing generally uses acid dyes and reactive dyes. Our wool dyes are specially formulated to enhance these natural properties of wool, ensuring dyed fabrics retain their luxurious look and feel. Whether you're dyeing wool for fashion or interior design purposes, we'll help you achieve your desired results with ease. Common ones include: Acid Black 10B, Acid Blue 7, Acid Yellow 49, etc.

Why choose our acid dyes for wool fabric dyeing? Our products are known for their exceptional color fastness and resistance to fading, ensuring your dyed wool products retain their vibrant color even after prolonged use and exposure to light. Available in a variety of colors, you can let your creativity run wild and create wool products that truly reflect your artistic vision.

Acid Yellow AY 49, Acid Red AR 337, Acid Blue.AB 225, and Acid violet AV 48 that we have recently sold to customers have been used in carpet dyeing, and the dyeing effects have been praised by customers.

With our dyes you can take wool fabric dyeing to the next level. Experience the difference our acid dyes make, transforming your wool products into vibrant, eye-catching pieces that are sure to leave a lasting impression.

Acid Yellow 49
Acid Black 10B
Acid Red AR 337
Acid Blue 7