Mosquito Reprllent Incense

In some Southeast Asian countries, various types of mosquito-repellent incense products are extremely popular, including ordinary mosquito-repellent incense, disc-shaped mosquito-repellent incense, electric mosquito-repellent incense sheets, and various types of Buddhist incense and tower-shaped incense. 

The main market for our mosquito coil dyeing process is Southeast Asian countries, such as Bangladesh, Indonesia, and Vietnam. These countries have a huge demand for the mosquito repellent effect of mosquito coils. Using our innovative dyeing processes, some of the clients we work with differentiate their products with eye-catching colors that stand out on store shelves and appeal to local consumers. 

When used for dyeing mosquito-repellent incense, the most common products are Basic dyes for mosquito-repellent incense. The most common ones are: Basic Malachite Green,Basic Rhodamine BBasic Auramine O, Basic Violet 5BN, etc. We also have other different types of dyes , can be selected according to your needs. 

Our mosquito repellent dye is not an ordinary mosquito repellent product. It uses a unique formula to produce a rich and pleasant aroma that effectively repels mosquitoes. Additionally, the dyes used in the process are known for their excellent color retention, ensuring the mosquito coils' vibrant colors last longer, even in challenging outdoor environments. This is especially important in Southeast Asian countries, where mosquito coils are a staple product in homes and outdoor environments. 

In summary, our Basic dye mosquito coil dyeing process offers unparalleled quality, versatility and durability. Forget dull, odorless mosquito coils and embrace the vibrant, long-lasting colors of our alkaline dye mosquito coil dyeing process.

Basic Auramine O
Basic Dyeing
Basic dyes
Basic Malachite Green
Basic Violet 5BN
Basic Rhodamine B