The leather industry covers the main industries such as tanning, shoemaking, leather clothing, leather goods, fur and its products, as well as supporting industries such as leather chemicals, leather hardware, leather machinery, and auxiliary materials. Leather production is also increasing day by day. 

If you are looking for a high-quality dye production supplier that can provide bright and long-lasting colors, we have products specially formulated for leather dyeing, such as: Solubilised Sulphur Black for leather penetration, and the more common Acid Black 210,Acid Black 234,Acid Black 168,Acid Black  10B,Acid Black ATT , Acid Nigrosine,Acid Orange II Acid Green 20,Acid Red:14,18,88,97,119,131,Acid Brown:10,15,19,75,98,106,163,355,348,349and more, making it the perfect choice for all your leather crafting needs. 

With its low price and excellent penetration, our leather dye's strong staining power ensures the color adheres well to the leather, creating a durable and beautiful surface. One of the main features of leather dyes is their ability to produce bright, vibrant colors. Plus, with the full color spectrum at your fingertips, you'll have countless options to create the perfect shade for your leather projects. 

Whether you're an experienced leather crafter or just starting out, our leather dyes are easy to use and guarantee professional-grade results. From custom handbags and wallets to transforming old furniture, the possibilities are endless with our leather dyes.

Acid Black ATT
Acid Nigrosine
Acid Orange II