With the improvement of human living standards and the development of e-commerce, the demand for decorative wallpaper, luxury packaging paper, and e-commerce transportation container paper has increased significantly. Types and Characteristics of Papermaking Dyes There are many types of dyes, and their classification methods are also different. Dyes used in the paper industry are generally classified based on their dye properties. Commonly used dyes in the paper industry include Basic dyes and Direct dyes. 

Our paper dyes are classified according to their unique properties, ensuring you can easily find the perfect dye for your specific application. Whether you are looking for basic dyes, direct dyes, or other dyes, we have a comprehensive selection to meet your needs. 

For the paper industry, our main markets are Southeast Asian countries such as Vietnam and Indonesia. We have long-term customers. We also participated in local exhibitions, visited their factories, learned about the paper dyeing process, and saw various paper dyeings 

In terms of paper dyeing, the more common products are: Auramine O(paper special light yellow, fire paper dyeing, kraft paper dyeing), Basic Rhodamine B(cultural paper dyeing, brush paper coloring), Malachite Green(cultural paper with color, brush paper coloring), Basic Violet 5BN(cultural paper, brush paper special), Basic orange 2 (kraft paper dyeing)

We understand the importance of convenience, quality and affordability when dyeing paper, which is why our products are designed to provide a convenient dyeing process, a complete color spectrum and low prices. With our paper dyes, you can get the perfect paper stain without spending a fortune or compromising on quality. 

Choose our papermaking dyes for a convenient, efficient and cost-effective solution that gives you outstanding results. Try our paper dyes today and experience the difference in paper dyeing.

Auramine O
Malachite Green
Basic orange 2
Basic Rhodamine B