Denim Fabric

With the development of the denim washing and dyeing market.we have developed Sulphur Black and Indigo Blue Powders, as well as Liquid Indigo and Liquid Sulphur Black specifically formulated for vulcanized denim dyeing. to meet the specific needs of denim manufacturers. 

Our Indigo Blue 94% and sulphur black BR are designed to provide excellent color penetration and brightness, resulting in vibrant and long-lasting denim. Our Liquid dyes (Liquid indigo 30% and Liquid Sulphur Black 100%)are easy to use and the dyeing process is efficient, saving customers time and resources. 

One of the main features of denim dyed products is their exceptional strength and durability. Our dyes are engineered to withstand the rigorous washing and wear of denim garments, ensuring the color remains vibrant and intact for the long term. This kind of durability is critical for denim manufacturers who want to produce long-lasting, high-quality products. 

In addition, our dyes have excellent color fastness, ensuring that the denim retains its brightness and richness even after repeated washing. This is a crucial advantage for denim brands that want to offer products with lasting appeal and value.

In addition to superior performance, our denim dyeing products are designed with environmental sustainability in mind. We have taken steps to minimize the environmental impact of our dyeing processes and ensure that our products meet the highest environmental standards.

In summary, our denim dyeing products, including Liquid Indigo 30%, Liquid Sulphur Black BR 100%, Liquid Sulphur Black 4GN 100%,522 Sulphur Black BR 200%,220%,240% Sulphur Black B 521 200%,220%,240%and Indigo Powder and granule 94%, offer unparalleled quality, durability and environmental responsibility. With these products, denim manufacturers can achieve the vibrant, long-lasting colors they desire while having a positive impact on the environment.

Liquid Indigo
Liquid Sulphur Black BR
Sulphur Black B 521