Textile dyeing is an essential process in textile processing. Depending on the form of the textile, there are various dyeing processes such as fabric dyeing, yarn dyeing, fiber dyeing, garment dyeing, etc. The most common application is fabric dyeing. Different dye products can be used in dyeing in different fields.

Our fabric dyeing solutions are versatile and can be used on a variety of fabrics including cotton, polyester, silk, wool and more. Whether you are dyeing small batches of fabric or producing large quantities, our products deliver outstanding results every time.

As far as our products are concerned:

1. Direct dyes have simple dyeing methods, complete chromatograms and low costs. Common ones include: Direct Black EX,Direct Black G,GF,VSF; Direct Yellow R, Direct Yellow 7GFF 500%,Direct Yellow11,12,27,50,86(Direct Yellow RL)96,142,Direct Red 4BEDirect Red 4BS,Direct Blue:15,71,86,108,151,199,100,201,202, and other colors for you to choose from.

2. Reactive dyes can be used for dyeing cotton, linen, silk, wool, viscose, nylon, vinylon and other textiles. For example, we commonly use: Reactive Black B, Reactive Yellow 3RS, etc.

  1. Sulfur dyes have relatively uniform chromatograms, low prices, and good color fastness. Sulfur Black BR, Sulfur Blue BRN, Sulfur Brill Green GB, etc. can be used for textile dyeing and achieve good results.
  2. Acid dyes have simple structure, bright color and good uniformity, and can also be used for textile dyeing.Such as:Acid Red 3R, Acid Red:14,73,88,Acid Blue:80,7,9 etc.

5.Vat dyes have bright colors, complete chromatograms and good color fastness. They are high-grade dyes used for dyeing cellulose fibers.It has good light fastness and is common in some African countries. It can also be used for dyeing military uniforms and is not easy to fade.Common ones include:Vat Indigo Blue,Vat Blue RSN, Vat Grenn 1,Vat Viloet 2R,Vat Brown 1

6.Disperse dyes are the main dyes used for dyeing synthetic fibers, especially polyester fibers. They have good dyeing properties and high color fastness to polyester. Such as: Disperse Black SWL,ECO,WXF,SR. Disperse Yellow:P-6G,WXF,SR,Disperse Red D-BS,D-BRL,P-R etc.

In addition to uniform color application, our products also provide sufficient color fastness, ensuring that dyed fabrics retain their vibrant hues even after multiple washes. This feature is especially important for textiles that are frequently washed or exposed to sunlight.

Say goodbye to the worries of inconsistent dyeing results and embrace the efficiency and reliability of our fabric dyeing solutions. Using our products you can improve the quality of your textiles and stand out in a highly competitive market.

Direct Black EX
Reactive Black B
Sulfur Blue BRN
Sulfur Brill Green GB