The 19th Uzbekistan Central Asia International Textile Industry Exhibition

Shijiazhuang Yanhui Dye Co.,Ltd. is honored to announce that we will participate in the 19th Uzbekistan Central Asia International Textile Industry Exhibition to be held at the Tashkent Convention and Exhibition Center in Uzbekistan on the 29th-31th of this month.

As a comprehensive professional dyestuff manufacturer, our company specializes in the production of a wide range of dyes, including Basic dyes, Sulphur dyes, Acid dyes, Disperse dyes and Direct dyes. Especially we focus Sulphur Black and Indigo on the washing denim industry more prominent,now we have


developed Liquid Sulphur Black and Liquid Indigo widely used in denim and jeans,also so much popular in Uzbekistan market.And direct dyes are directly dissolved in water and have high directness to cellulose fibers which can be used for dyeing protein fibers in weak acidic or neutral solutions. They are also used in cotton, hemp, human silk, etc. Chromatography is complete, cheap and easy to operate. Acid dyes are of bright color and are suitable for dyeing wool, towels, silk and leather. Alkaline dyes belong to the category of cationic dyes, mainly used in literature and education, coloring paper and making chromatic deposits. Sulphur dyes are low cost, sun and wash resistant, and are mainly used in cotton fiber dyeing.

Our company's hot products are as follows:

1.Sulphur black BR 200%,big shining black flakes or granules, easily soluble in sodium

sulfide solution , mainly used for dyeing cotton jeans denim.

2.Liquid Sulphur Black 100%, black liquid, used for dyeing cotton jeans denim and leather.

3.Indigo Blue 94% Blue even granules,mostly dyeing for denim.

4.Liquid Indigo Blue 30% popular in washing denim industry and jeans include.

5.Direct Dyes:Direct Scarlet 4BS,Direct Red 12 B,Direct Orange S,Direct Yellow 7GFF.

6.Basic Dyes:Basic Rhodamine B,Malachite Green,Basic Brilliant Blue BO.

7.Acid Dyes:Acid Red GR,Acid Orange II,Acid Nigrosine.

Company representatives plan to explain the different application areas of various dyes and explain the product's durability, color fastness and other advantages. We also prepare samples so interested parties can assess our products first-hand before making any relevant investments or collaborations.

On the occasion of the Uzbekistan Fair, thanks to the platform for providing a new opportunity to explore, providing a channel to showcase our products to potential customers around the world, serving our existing and potential customers in a more targeted way, we look forward to meeting our partners!

Exhibition Name:

Exhibition hall location:Tashkent Convention and Exhibition Center in Uzbekistan D96

ADD:107 amir temur sho hukshashi, tashkent 100084

Opening time: May.29, 2023 - May.31,2023

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